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Room Booking Update for the start of Semester 2

After the cyber attack we temporarily had to make use of a room booking form and the room booking site was only available in a very restricted capacity. We're happy to say that that is no longer the case!

To book rooms use the socs room booking website which you can find here (not the link on your dashboard). The dark blue room booking tab on the homepage will also take you to the correct website.


1) Click 'login' in the top right corner and this will bring you to another page with a log in button which you may have to click a few times.

This second page will bring you to the yourspace login page where you should log in as you would normally.

After logging in you will be brought back to the roombooking site where you can make a booking by clicking on the time slot that you would like.

If you are experiencing any difficulties booking rooms on the website, take a screen grab of the error and email us the details at (please include: what you tried to do, when you got the error, and the type of error).

If you encounter these issues you can tell us the details of your booking and we will make it on your behalf.

2) Societies post your event to the calendar in your dashboard.

Note: As of Jan 30th socs in-person events require:

proof of vaccination or proof of immunity (which is when an attendee has proof of having recently recovered from Covid-19),

You can access the Covid-19 scanner app here.

  • pods of 6,

  • masks to be work

  • must finish at 8pm

  • preregistration required *

  • 50% capacity


*All in-person events require preregistration, you do this as you are creating your event on the calendar and your members register in yourspace, they can also unregister from here. 

We await Government guidelines on what will happen after Jan 30th.


Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, we require additional information when booking a room in Áras na Mac Léinn.
The Room Booking website can be viewed at the link below, note you cannot log in so email your booking request to Use your NUI Galway email to request the booking.

Teaching, Learning, Research subject to NUI Galway COVID-19 
  •  If your event is a teaching, learning, research event note the rooms are only available  up to 5pm for academic courses and you must when booking:
  • Include a course code
  • ​If no course code an email from your UMT representative (ie Dean of relevant College or Dean of Students) confirming the event is a teaching, learning, research event.
    (CÉIM training, ATS Mentor Training, Employability Award Training, Society Committee, Club Committee, LIFT Leadership Training, Seas Suas Training. (activities deemed as teaching/learning/research currently include (if you are a member of student services please email for additional information)
Additional Society Spaces:
Socs Cinema Lecture Theatres
Societies you can also book the Lecture Theatres in the Human Biology and Aras ui Cathaill for 2 hours from 6pm - 8pm & 8pm - 10pm Monday - Thursday for Socs Cinema or guest speakers etc. (maximum 50 people in pods max 6 with 2 meters distance between pods)
The Hub can be booked after 6pm on Monday - Friday
Check with the SocsBox re booking space in the Bailey Allen hall after 6pm
Booking Rooms for a small group
An individual student may book a room for personal use, ie music rehearsal, private zoom call with support staff etc.
Groups of 6 or less
who are in a pod (ie bands, rehearsal) may book a room and must fill in this form.
in addition to completing this form, confirm in your booking that you have completed the 'pod form'
A band must have at least 60% NUI Galway Students.
See links below for room-specific information for the rooms in Aras na Mac Leinn





Note for bookers: A pod is any group of up to six people that interact with each other on a regular basis. This often includes but is not strictly limited to: being housemates, classmates, laboratory partners, coworkers, and/or those who are in frequent social contact. For a society that meets regularly once pods are formed they should remain in these pods for the semester.

Booking Rooms in Áras na Mac Léinn

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