Meeting Rooms 1&2

Capacity Table

Teaching & Learning
50% Capacity
Group of Individuals 2m Apart

Floor Plan & Room Location

meeting rooms.png

Note: If you or your attendees are in a Group of Pods you can use the below floorplan/room layout.

N.B.The plan below is applicable to both rooms separately and when the divider is in place. 

Distanced Room Layouts (2).png

Hygiene Rules

  • Wear a face covering

  • Sanitize room before your event, taking extra care with high contact points (door handles, tables, etc.)

  • Sanitize hands upon entry

  • All attendees must complete a COVID-19 declaration form on yourspace on the day of the event.

Student Booking

add event - individual.PNG

Support/Service Booking

add room - additional learning.PNG

Society/Club Booking

add event - societies.PNG

Teaching & Learning Booking

add event - T&L New.PNG